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Joseph P. Cravero Leadership Award

The Board of Directors of the Society for Pediatric Sedation presented the first annual Joseph P. Cravero Leadership Award to Dr. Joseph P. Cravero himself.

In presenting the award, the Board recognized the efforts of Dr. Cravero over the past 10 years as leading the efforts in pediatric sedation through his work and example, including:

  1. Promoting collaboration by including many disciplines in discussions
  2. Writing and distributing a primer on pediatric sedation
  3. Developing the Pediatric Sedation Research Consortium and his contributions in the literature
  4. Initiating the concept of a sedation provider course which includes simulation
  5. Founding the Society for Pediatric Sedation
  6. Helping develop the Society's annual conference

This award will be presented annually to a member of the Society, chosen by the Board of Directors, who reflects the leadership qualities in which Dr. Cravero has demonstrated. The plaque reads:

"This award is presented annually by the Board of Directors for the Society for Pediatric Sedation to a leader who, with a collaborative and engaging spirit, furthers the field of pediatric sedation through his or her efforts in research, education, and health policy."

Past Winners

2012Deborah Laviolette, RN
2011Gregory Hollman, MD
2010Joseph Cravero, MD

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