The Society for Pediatric Sedation welcomes you to our 15th Annual Conference, held this year in Baltimore, Maryland. Baltimore is known locally as Charm City, and we hope that our conference will confirm to you the charms of procedural sedation for your young patients! Our program will be organized around our society’s guiding principles of Patient Care, Quality Improvement, Research, Education and Outreach. It is our great fortune to have assembled an outstanding group of faculty presenters for this conference, many of whom are new to the SPS podium. This group of physicians, dentists, nurses and child life specialists will help you leave our meeting with the information and tools necessary to continue to deliver safe, high quality sedation to our young patients whether you are a novice or a seasoned veteran.

As always, our Sedation Provider Course© will be offered prior to the meeting on Sunday, May 17. This course consistently sells out, so sign up early if you want to take advantage of this excellent simulation-based program covering the recognition and management of the most common sedation-related adverse events.

I look forward to meeting with you all in Baltimore in the spring!

Mary Landrigan-Ossar, MD
Conference Program Chair


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