2021 SPS Virtual Conference
September 18 - 19, 2021


How do I access the live sessions?

First you must log in with the email address you used with registration. Click on the Program tab, then select the Saturday or Sunday tab to view the live sessions. The "View the Livestream" icon will appear only when that session is live. All times listed are eastern time zone.

From your smartphone, select the "log in" button and enter the email address you used with registration. Once you log in, you will be directed to the Program within this Mobile Guide. Select the Saturday or Sunday tabs to access the livestream buttons on the program schedule.

Will the sessions be recorded and available after the meeting?

Yes! The recording will be available as a link in the program schedule the week following the live sessions. Registrants will be notified by email when the recordings are available.

How and where will I claim CME/CE?

CME/CE information is available in this Guide under the CME/CE Info tab. Registrants will have until October 30, 2021 to evaluate and submit your CME/CE form located in the Evaluations tab. Attendees are to claim only for the content they view. You must complete the evaluation form in order to receive access to the credit form.

Tips for Successful Meeting Viewing


Before the meeting begins, make sure you are comfortable in your home office space or where you will view the meeting. Consider the following hacks for blocking out distractions and being ready.

Login through an updated browser - For best viewing results, we recommend using Google Chrome.

Optimize your audio environment– Use headphones to minimize background noise. Considering investing in a pair of noise-cancelling headphones to stay laser-focused on the meeting.

Check your Signal– Test your internet speed using an online testing application like Speedtest.net. A minimum of 15Mbps for download speed is recommended to view the meeting in higher resolution. Use a wired connection for optimum internet signal strength.

Minimize other devices using home WIFI – Understand that other devices slow your WIFI performance. Cell phones, tablets, SmartTVs and other computers can be attached the home WIFI. Online gaming uses a great deal of bandwidth.

Become familiar with the Mobile Meeting Guide (MMG) – Explore the different tabs in the MMG to assist on meeting days.

Contact the Help Desk if you are having trouble accessing the MMG or the meeting – Our staff is available and technical assistance will be a click away on meeting days.

Plan your day to maximize your experience – Breaks are part of the meeting schedule; plan ahead for meals and other possible distractions.

Login early on meeting day to avoid missing the start of the meeting.

In order to view the livestream of the pre-recorded lectures and the live Q&A, you must first log into the Mobile Meeting Guide with the email address you used to register for the meeting. After logging in, navigate to Program & Schedule. To view the video window, select the link that says, “View the Livestream”. Please be sure to log in early to familiarize yourself with the Mobile Meeting Guide and its features. Each session will start with a live introduction of the speakers followed by the livestream of their pre-recorded lectures. 

While viewing the pre-recorded lectures, we encourage meeting attendees to use the “Ask the Speaker” feature.

You may submit questions as follows:

Open LIVE stream window to access the Ask the Speaker function for each session.
Submit your questions DURING the session – don’t wait for the Q&A!
Moderators and speakers can opt to answer questions live during the Q&A discussion or type answers during the session.