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Upcoming Pediatric Sedation Conference

Parental Presence:
The discussion

Literature Review:
Case-series of nurse-administered nitrous oxide for urinary catheterization
in children

Newsmakers Interview:
Judy Zier, MD
Children’s Hospital and Clinics of Minnesota

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Society for Pediatric Sedation (SPS) News

As noted above, the Pediatric Sedation Newsletter is now the official newsletter of the SPS.  The society was actually born out of the readership of this newsletter – so it makes sense in a number of ways to incorporate it into the society. As time goes on you will notice some changes in the format of the newsletter, it will become more “official” or “professional” looking, but the primary purpose of the letter which is to bring you a somewhat informal yet informative discussion of topics surrounding pediatric sedation practice – will not change.  We will include news of the SPS for all those who choose to participate in the society. 

The Society for Pediatric Sedation has now been in existence for several months and is growing. We have expanded our membership categories from simply “Founding Members” to Standard Memberships for physicians, nurses, and all allied health care providers. As in our last newsletter, we encourage anyone who is interested to go to our website at and look over the mission statement and activities of the society. You can join through the website.

We have just recently contracted with the Ruggles Service Corporation to be our society management company – the headquarters will be in Richmond, Virginia. They have already helped our organizational structure and project planning. Please consider joining, the membership dues are low and the potential to form an interactive society that will take the practice of pediatric sedation to a higher level of recognition, consistency, and professionalism is tremendous.  

The SPS will foster research in pediatric sedation through the Pediatric Sedation Research Consortium scientific forums and (ultimately) grants for investigators.  We will be providing information through our website, newsletter, and our listserve (see below). We will use the power of our multispecialty society to produce useful tools for sedation providers beginning with a sedation credentialing course.

Finally, we plan to collaborate and put together a meaningful conference on pediatric sedation each year (read on).

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Joseph Cravero MD
George Blike MD

Departments of Anesthesiology
and Pediatrics,
Children’s Hospital
at Dartmouth,
Dartmouth Hitchcock
Medical Center,
Lebanon, NH

Editors Note:
Many thanks to guest
editor Trish Scherrer MD
from University of Virginia
Peds Critical Care,
who was instrumental
in putting together
the Nitrous Oxide review article and the interview
that are featured in
this issue.
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