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Several Consultation Benefits are Available to SPS Institutional Members

Dr. ScherrerBy Jason Reynolds, MD
SPS President

The Society for Pediatric Sedation (SPS) is a unique professional society in many ways.  From its inception, SPS has been multidisciplinary and this has emerged as one of our greatest strengths.  It is the cross discipline collaboration between physicians, dentists, nurses, administrators, and child life professionals that has allowed us to the see the big picture -  the whole picture – as it relates to sedation care of children.

This collaboration on an institutional level is manifest in the “sedation service.”  Thus, in many ways we as a society have a new kind of member - the “sedation service.”  This membership is best known as our Institutional Membership.  Institutional membership has many benefits but I want to take a few minutes to discuss one of the more unique benefits that to date has been underutilized – the Institutional Consult.

All Platinum-level Institutional Members receive a one-time program consult from experts within the Society.  Historically, this has taken the form of bringing in seasoned sedation experts with years of experience designing and running sedation programs, to evaluate new or developing programs.  While there is considerable value in this type of consult, it is not the only consultative service available from the Society.

We can also provide SPS Sedation Provider Course® consultation.  All Platinum-level Institutional members receive access to the entirety of the SPS Sedation provider course, which can be used internally to train individuals within their respective institution or externally to train other sedation providers within their region.  Consultants are available to help set up the simulation programs, provide logistical support, or help with the actual training and debriefing of scenarios. 

For those institutions that are interested in PSRC data collection for their QA/QI programs or for research purposes, we have experts within SPS that can assist with establishing these programs as well.  This could involve help with the IRB process, setting up a data collection process, or working with institutional quality leaders to interpret the data reports and/or establish institution specific reporting.  As the Sedation Center of Excellence Program comes online, we will have consultants available to assist with the application process and provide feedback on areas for improvement.

We also offer a variety of other educational resources.  We provide online nitrous-oxide training through the Zier-group program and have considerable expertise within the Society that can assist with setting up both nurse and physician directed nitrous-oxide programs.  We also have a speakers bureau and can provide expertise on the full spectrum of sedation topics for grand rounds, local/regional conferences, or other institution specific education needs.

Every consultation request is unique and we work with our Platinum-level Institutional Members to determine their needs and the best consultants to address those needs.  For more information about our consultation program please visit the Institutional Membership website or feel free to reach out to me directly.

All the best,

Jason Reynolds, MD

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