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Society for Pediatric Sedation® Nursing Committee

Society for Pediatric Sedation® Nursing Committee

The Nursing Committee of the Society for Pediatric Sedation® is a developing group with the goal of helping to standardize and develop the role of the sedation nurse, and help the specialty grow. We need your expertise, so please consider getting involved. We have sub-committees for nursing research, advanced practice nursing, moderate sedation, education and certification, and non-pharmacologic adjuncts (distraction techniques, child life involvement, etc.).

Below are links to Standards of Care and Nursing Competencies that have been endorsed by the Society for Pediatric Sedation. We feel they are a step in standardizing the nurses role in pediatric procedural sedation. For more information or to get involved, contact the Nursing Committee Chair, Debbi LaViolette, RN at debbilarn@verizon.net.

Sedation Nurse Competencies

Pediatric Sedation Nursing Standards of Care

Pediatric Sedation Nursing is the practice in which a nurse assists a pediatric patient, sick or well, in the completion of a test, examination, treatment or procedure which contributes to the diagnosis, management or restoration of health.

A pediatric sedation nurse utilizes the nursing process to ensure that safe and appropriate levels of sedation and/or pain management are provided to pediatric patients in various procedural environments; while taking into consideration the individual's stage of development, level of physical wellness or illness, emotional and psychological well-being, family dynamics, cultural diversity and the nuances of the procedure to be performed.

The sedation nurse works collaboratively with members of the sedation team and/or by the direction and oversight of an APN or physician trained in sedation or anesthesiology.

It is the goal of the Society for Pediatric Sedation® to develop the core educational requirements and a specialty certification program for nurses who practice pediatric sedation. We will utilize and contribute to the scientific body of knowledge that supports pediatric sedation nursing practice because it is our belief that nursing expertise is a critical component for quality sedation programs.

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