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Time to turn the page!!

Dr. ConnorsBy J. Michael (Mick) Connors, MD
SPS President

Welcome to the Society’s new and improved SPS News.   Once again, it is time to turn the pages on pediatric sedation. The SPS is excited and committed to bringing this newsletter to you on a regular basis. We feel this offers our members a great benefit and will keep us all abreast of the latest information involving procedures and the procedural sedation of children.

I would also challenge you to help the SPS turn the page on pediatric sedation.  By this I mean it is time to move sedation practice forward. We need to leave the discussions of CMS guidelines, politics, turf, etc. in the last chapter and turn the page to the future.

The SPS is very excited and committed to lead this effort and need your help. Here are a few examples of new areas with which the Society is working through our multidisciplinary collaboration efforts.   

Core Competencies - The Board of Directors drafted, approved and submitted a document to Pediatrics, outlining what we feel are the competencies for providers of pediatric deep sedation.  The Board felt this was a very important document to help guide education and training.  

Quality - The SPS recently held a Consensus Conference, entitled “Defining Quality in Pediatric Sedation”.  Through grant funding from the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality as well as The Mayday Fund, a multidisciplinary group of providers gathered in Baltimore. Our hope is that this meeting and its outcome will assist us in furthering the discussions to improve all aspects of quality, and our approach to procedures in children.  The outline of this meeting is detailed separately in this newsletter. This meeting was the very beginning of this discussion of quality. We will notify you when the results of this meeting have been compiled. 

Provider Course – The SPS Sedation Provider Course® continues to be incredibly successful and has received excellent reviews. The SPS is working on methods to expand our offering of this now copyrighted course. If you have not attended a course, it is well worth the time and effort.

Online CME – This brand new member benefit will be available soon and will be free to our members. CME offerings will discuss the latest advances in pediatric sedation.  Look for the announcement when we go “live.”

Website –We are pleased to present a new and improved website. Our goal is to make it much more user friendly and to provide a richer resource for all interested in procedural sedation. 

Conference – Our Annual Conference this May will be in Cleveland, Ohio.  The conference continues to grow and expand. This year will be no exception, with new topics, new speakers and more discussions about quality, best practice and the future of sedation.

Research – The Pediatric Sedation Research Consortium continues to collect data and produce very valuable research in the area of pediatric sedation. A new data collection tool is being finalized and several studies area also in the works.  
These times are exciting for the SPS.  Our membership is growing as are our offerings. Thank you - our members - for continuing to support our work and for helping us turn the page forward on pediatric sedation.  

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