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2014 SPS conference

From the Editor

What to Look Forward to in 2014

Dr. GoodenBy Cheryl K. Gooden, MD
SPS News Editor

There is a lot of great news to share as we leave behind Winter and enter into Spring.  Not to dwell on the subject of the weather, but many of us will probably agree that it really is time for a change of season. 

First, the upcoming SPS Annual Conference and Provider Course in Charleston, SC will cover a variety of very interesting topics.  The Provider Course has been expanded, with new sessions offered.  Please refer to the Society website for complete details.  Also, a preview of the Meeting can be found in this issue of the newsletter.  With regards to location, Charleston in May seems like the ideal place to be!

Second, I would like to extend a big “thank you” to Becky Burger, MD our section editor of the Resident and Fellow Corner, for the past two years of outstanding articles.  Becky will be completing her fellowship training very soon.  Her replacement will be Shobhit Jain, MD, a fellow in the Pediatric Emergency Medicine Department at Children’s Mercy Hospital.  We look forward to Shobhit joining the editorial staff of SPS News.

Finally, we look forward to continuing to present you with the latest information as it relates to pediatric sedation.  Please enjoy reading this issue and as always, you may reach me at with articles that you want to contribute to the newsletter or any comments.

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