Institutional Membership... More Than Just the PSRC!

Dr. ReynoldsBy Jason Reynolds, MD

At our recent strategic planning conference we discussed making substantial modifications to the SPS Institutional Membership (IM).  Current IM provides limited benefits beyond the PSRC.  While the details of additional benefits still needs to be worked out, here are a few of the suggestions that have been offered:

  1. Online CME/CNE - each year SPS prepares online continuing education for individual members.  We will look for ways to expand access to this material to all physicians, nurses, and other healthcare professions that are affiliated with Institutional Members.
  2. Part 4 MOC - develop a process for sedation related MOC.  This might include implementation of a nitrous oxide program, use of simulation to test your sedation environment, PDSA cycles utilizing quality reports from the PSRC, etc.
  3. Access to the SPS Sedation Provider Course – a spectrum of options are under consideration that include providing Institutional Members with a regional license to run the course in its current form to making all the course content available for Institutional Members, so they may tailor a program specific to the needs of their educational environment.
  4. Development and access to a nitrous oxide credentialing program.
  5. Access to the online repository of guidelines.
  6. Increased individual membership opportunities for nurses and other healthcare professionals that are affiliated with Institutional Members.
  7. Continued access to PSRC data entry, peer-group comparisons, and expert consultation.

These are just some of the proposed benefits.  We will look to clarify these proposed benefits over the next several months and hope to have the new process in place for the May 2016 conference in Hartford.  If you have any additional thoughts, considerations, or ideas about how we might make the Institutional Membership more attractive, please reach out to me via email at

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