Is It Summer Yet?


Dr. GoodenBy Cheryl K. Gooden, MD
SPS News Editor

Happy summer! I hope that all SPS members will have an opportunity to enjoy the warmth of this season.  A few weeks before the start of summer, many of us attended the SPS Annual Conference in St. Louis, Missouri.  Once again, this year’s conference was great.  There were several plenary lectures, breakout sessions, workshops, posters, roundtable discussions, social networking, and more at this conference.  I recommend planning ahead to attend next year’s Annual Conference, May 15-18 at the Marriott in Hartford, Connecticut.

So many of our readers might be wondering if you missed the Spring issue.  Actually, we decided to combine our efforts and provide you with a Spring/Summer issue. This issue will provide wonderful summer reading!

It is never too early to mention that the fall season will be approaching sooner than many of us might want to admit.  Of course, this statement is directed at those of us who enjoy the summer - I am sure not everyone likes these “hot days”.  My main reason for mentioning the fall season so soon is because SPS News is looking for more writers to add to our staff.  So please let me know what you think about joining us.  The deadline for submitting newsletter articles for the next issue is September 30, 2015.  I can be reached at with comments or articles that you want to submit to the next SPS News.