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Communication and Collaboration
My, how we’ve grown!


Dr. ScherrerBy Patricia (Trish) Scherrer, MD
SPS President

I am honored to have been elected as the fourth President of this thriving organization.  We’ve grown tremendously in size, activities, presence, expertise, and on and on - since the Society’s inception back in 2007.  The Society has become well recognized as the resource and voice for the practice of pediatric procedural sedation and analgesia.  Our membership numbers continue to grow, and the quantity of committees, publications, projects, and ideas for the future are increasing at an exponential rate.  I was humbled to meet so many junior faculty, fellows, new nurses, and others with groundbreaking ideas and seemingly boundless energy at our recent meeting in Charleston. 

Speaking of our conference, congratulations and many thanks to Sally Webb and Ben Jackson for a fantastic experience with superb speakers, thought-provoking breakout sessions, lovely accommodations, and I’m pretty sure the most gorgeous three days of weather that Charleston has ever provided to anyone!  And congratulations and appreciation to our newly elected board members, Michelle Rhodes and Elise Van der Jagt, and Vice-President/President-Elect Jason Reynolds!

Over the next several years, we will focus heavily on communication and collaboration, both within the Society and with other professional organizations involved with providing care to children.  We have such a number of active committees and projects that it’s difficult at times for even me to keep up with it all!  We continue to offer a variety of ways to stay in touch with the latest clinical updates and Society happenings via our newsletter, listserve, blog, Twitter feed, and Facebook page.  I would encourage folks to provide content for these communication tools. What are you up to?  What progress has your committee, subcommittee or project group made on a particular topic?  What is working well at your own organization?  What did you read recently that had an impact on your practice?  One of the best things about our Society is our multidisciplinary focus – we would love for you to share your expertise and experience!

We have a number of growing committees within the organization, and I would encourage you to consider becoming active on one or more, since this is where the real work of the Society is occurring.  We are continuing our efforts to define and measure just what it is to provide quality in pediatric sedation practice.  We have a very active educational program, including our SPS Sedation Provider Course© as well as a number of online CME activities.  We’re developing repositories of a variety of key documents for rapid online access, including statements and guidelines from regulatory agencies and other professional organizations, sample sedation policies and documentation, and educational resources for sedation providers.  These are just some of the highlights!

Moving forward, we are also exploring new ways to promote involvement and engagement in this era of technologically advanced audiences – we really want to reach out better to our members and to the population of healthcare providers in a variety of disciplines who participate in pediatric procedural sedation activities.  My charge to myself, and to each of you, is to continue to support involvement and engagement within our membership.  How do we reach out to the large population of health care staff who participate in pediatric procedural sedation activities on a regular basis but are not recognized as sedation specialists or are not aware of our Society?

Finally, we plan to increase collaboration with other professional organizations and related disciplines to share what we have learned and to include the expertise of these groups in our own conversations and projects.  There are tremendous opportunities for cross-pollination and discovery to be had by interacting with other groups.  I would encourage you to consider serving as a liaison between your particular discipline’s professional organization and the SPS. 

I am really looking forward to all of the opportunities that the next two years will bring.  Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions or suggestions you might have!

Trish Scherrer

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