Quality and Safety Corner

Q&S Committee Summary

Cheri LandersBy Cheri Landers, MD, FAAP, FCCM

The Q&S Committee has several areas of ongoing work:

  1. Repository of Guidelines.
    a. The site has recently been updated with the new AAP/AAPD publication in addition to other relevant links.  http://www.pedsedation.org/quality-safety/repository-of-guidelines/. See more details below.
    Although we formally assess the site yearly for additions and functionality, please send your suggestions for new material that can be added at any time to the Repository editor by emailing updaterequest@societyhq.com
  2. Center of Excellence. 
    a. The application process for sedation services to apply for designation as a sedation Center of Excellence is being drafted.  We are excited to be able to present this process at the May 2017 SPS Conference in Orlando. 
  3. Quality Sedation Metrics.
    a. Risk Assessment Score-Mark Buckmaster, MD and his group continue diligently to work to increase the validity of a sedation risk score working with the PSRC.
    b. Sedation State Score – Joe Cravero, MD and colleagues have submitted a manuscript on the validation of a pediatric sedation state score. 
    c. Patient & Family Satisfaction – Mick Connors, MD is leading a group beginning validation of a patient and family sedation satisfaction survey

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