SPS Membership and Communications Committee Update

By Suzanne Kost, MD, FAAP, FACEP

Greetings from Sue, Chair of the Membership and Communications Committee. As we move into the fall, and the “glow” of the SPS Annual Conference wears off, it’s time to buckle down and advance the goals of the committee. We have four subsections: Individual Membership and Member Development, Institutional Membership, Communications, and Outreach. While we have made some progress in each of these areas, we need assistance and input from the membership at large to meet our goals. I’ll provide a brief update of where we stand.

  1. Individual Membership (Sue Kost, Janey Phelps): As of last month, we have 483 individual members, with a 3-yr goal of increasing that membership to 600. We hope to begin a mentorship program at the next Annual Meeting (check the box on your registration form if you’re interested!).

  2. Institutional Membership (Pradip Kamat): We currently have 52 institutional members, with a goal of increasing that number by 10% annually. We also hope to transition most our institutional members to Platinum status within the next 3 years (currently 10 are platinum). If your institution is not a member and you are interested, or if you’re intrigued by Platinum status, let us know!

  3. Communications (Jud Barber): We measure our social media presence by “clicks” on our informational products (Newsletter, Twitter, Facebook, Website). We hope to increase those clicks by 10% annually. Please spread and share the SPS word!

  4. Outreach (Ben Jackson): We track the number of collaborating organizations that we work with to further our mission. Currently we have about 10 collaborations in the works. Upcoming highlights include presentations for ARIN (Association for Radiologic and Imaging Nursing) by our member Lorie Reilly, APRN in October, and a Panel Presentation at the Society for Critical Care Medicine meeting in January.  

If any of these sub-committees or goals peaks your interest, please shoot me an e-mail and let me know!

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