What are We Waiting for in 2016?

Dr. GoodenBy Cheryl K. Gooden, MD
SPS News Editor

If only I could look into a crystal ball and share with you all the wonderful things that are going to happen in 2016.  Are you feeling the positive vibes? 

First, there will be some surprises; some of which we have already experienced, with more to come throughout the year!  It all depends on where you are geographically speaking…blizzard conditions (history-making in some regions), ice, cold, heat, wind and rain.  Did I leave anything out?  Now I don’t remember what the ground hog predicted!  Our attention is also on the Zika virus.

Next, of course is our newsletter.  Once again, we are starting off the year with a number of great articles that are both timely and informative.  Thank you to all of our contributors.  Three new writers have joined our staff: Corrie Chumpitazi, MD, Amber Rogers, MD, and Dan Sedillo, MD.  We are always looking for new writers to join our staff.  Throughout the year, there will be a number of opportunities to do some writing and our next newsletter is a great place to start.

Finally, let’s not forget our upcoming Annual Conference and Sedation Provider Course in Hartford, Connecticut.  Save the date: May 15-18, 2016.  I recommend that you go online if you haven’t already done so, and view the Scientific Program being offered.  It is not too early to register.

If you have any questions or comments about joining our writing team, my e-mail address is editor@pedsedation.org

The deadline for submitting articles for the next issue of the newsletter is April 1, 2016. 

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