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Mission, Vision, Values, Strategy

Dr. ScherrerBy Patricia (Trish) Scherrer, MD
SPS President

Greetings and Happy New Year to everyone!

Over the past year, members and leaders of SPS have spent a tremendous amount of collective thought, time, discussion, and reflection on how we can move forward in fulfilling our society’s mission with maximum impact and efficiency.  Our goal for this strategic planning process has been to reaffirm our mission and values, clarify and articulate our goals, and define the action steps and resources needed to accomplish them.  We are extremely appreciative of all of the insight and input that our members have had throughout the course of this process.

As I shared with you in the last newsletter, we have worked closely with our consultant, Mr. Dave Fellers, to survey our membership, our management colleagues, our exhibitors, and organizations representing similar disciplines to evaluate mission alignment, opportunities for improvement and growth, and priorities for maximizing member benefits. 

In August, 21 board members, committee chairs, and other society leaders met in Atlanta for a two-day strategic planning retreat.  In addition to formulating the strategic plan, we also worked to streamline our organizational governance model to more closely align with our mission and to focus on achieving our strategic goals. The executive summary of the strategic plan is included below.  Starred items indicate key priorities within each of the areas.

We are actively working to develop the implementation plan, or the society’s “user’s guide” to the strategic plan.  Our committees, task forces, and work groups are building operational tasks, timelines, and metrics to carry out the goals identified in the strategic plan.  We will be providing regular updates to the general membership regarding our progress.  We are really excited about moving forward with the priorities established by the strategic plan, and we are confident that this process will increase the value of services and resources available to our individual and institutional members. 

As always, we need your help to make these goals a reality!  As you review the strategic plan, I hope you’ll see areas where you are already participating and can become reinvigorated, and that you’ll find areas of new interest where you are inspired to become more involved.  No matter your background, no matter how much time you have available, no matter what your interests, our society is better because of YOUR involvement – please help us to work for you and for your patients!

Thank you, and hope to see you in Hartford in May!

2016-2018 SPS Strategic Plan Executive Summary - September 21, 2015

Mission: SPS will strive to be the international multidisciplinary leader in the advancement of pediatric sedation by promoting safe, high quality care, innovative research and quality professional education. 


Provide the leading multi-professional education for pediatric sedation.

  1. ***Maintain the annual meeting of SPS as the leading innovative educational event for pediatric sedation
  2. ***Expand the Provider Course to present content to a larger audience
  3. Expand online educational opportunities for SPS members
  4. Seek opportunities to expand professional education opportunities

Quality and Safety

Improve the quality of care, safety of patients and excellence in pediatric sedation through SPS standards.

  1. ***Implement a Center of Excellence form of recognition for institutions actively working to achieve SPS supported quality standards
  2. ***Maintain a website library/repository of quality literature, including tools to assist in starting a sedation service


Collect, maintain and encourage publishing of research coordinated by the Pediatric Sedation Research Consortium and pediatric sedation practitioners.

  1. ***Utilize the PSRC to develop new data acquisition projects focused on improving sedation delivery
  2. Conduct research that will help to quantify sedation quality
  3. Provide opportunities for members to publish on research and quality initiatives


Offer meaningful programs that provide value and encourage member engagement and involvement in SPS.

  1. ***Restructure the membership package for institutional members and define benefits for individual members
  2. Consider establishing a mentoring program for various segments of the membership


Provide ongoing communications to members and the greater medical community.

  1. ***Develop a robust marketing strategy to inform members of activities, accomplishments and benefits of SPS
  2. ***Maintain, enhance and simplify the website to provide information to members and the greater medical community
  3. Evaluate opportunities for expanded dissemination of the work of SPS


Develop professional relationships and collaborations to amplify the mission and enhance the professional well-being, vitality, and growth of members and the discipline.

  1. ***Collaborate with other professional healthcare organizations to amplify the SPS mission
  2. Seek opportunities to exchange speakers and promote meeting attendance with other organizations
  3. Collaborate with others on advocacy initiatives

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