Congratulations to the 2017 Award Nominees

Joseph P. Cravero, MD Leadership Award

This award is presented annually by the Board of Directors for the Society for Pediatric Sedation to a leader who, with a collaborative and engaging spirit, furthers the field of pediatric sedation through his or her efforts in research, education, and health policy. The recipient will be announced during the Annual Business Luncheon at the 2017 Annual Conference on Monday, May 22 at 12:00 noon.

Pradip Kamat, MD, MBA
Here’s what nominators had to say about Dr. Kamat:

“I am proud to nominate Dr. Pradip Kamat for the Joseph P. Cravero, MD Leadership Award. He is a leader in pediatric procedural sedation in many realms. A prolific sedation researcher, he has authored 14 articles on the topic with two more in submission. He serves nationally on the Board of Directors of the Society for Pediatric Sedation (SPS) and is active within the organization, as evidenced by his roles as Chair of the Institutional Membership Committee, Co-Chair of the Sedation Prescreening Committee, and a member of the Quality Committee and the Pediatric Sedation Research Consortium (PSRC) Task Force. He has contributed four articles to the SPS Newsletter and moderated several sections at the SPS Annual Conference.

This year, he moderated and lectured on Pediatric Procedural Sedation in the 21st century: Standards and Safety and Success at the 45th Congress of the Society of Critical Care Medicine in Honolulu, Hawaii. Additionally he has taught sedation skills in many simulation-based sessions nationally. Locally, he has driven the success of a large sedation service at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta at Egleston, serving as Director. This service annually provides >5,000 sedations for our radiologists, oncologists, nephrologists, surgeons, and hospitalists. During his tenure and through his leadership our hospital system (>500 beds, >10,000 sedations per year, two sedation services) developed a Sedation Section with separate credentialing criteria, for which he serves as Chief."

Cheri Landers, MD
Here’s what nominators had to say about Dr. Landers:

"Cheri's involvement with the SPS perfectly exemplifies the criteria for the Cravero Award. As chair of the Quality Committee, she has worked extremely hard to successfully organize and lead a robust, multidisciplinary group of members to advance our mission of safe, high quality care. She has done the lion's share of the work to develop and operationalize the center of excellence designation concept and process, which amazingly is nearly ready to go live.

Under her leadership we've developed an extensive repository of sedation policies, guidelines, and reference materials that have greatly increased the value of society membership. She has been an active member of the board of directors, contributing her time and expertise to our board for years. She was integrally involved in our recent strategic planning process. She has been the medical director of the sedation service at Kentucky Children's Hospital for a number of years where she developed an innovative program quality and safety dashboard which has served as a template for many other SPS member institutions. It's an honor for me to recommend Cheri for this year's Cravero Award."

Janey Phelps, MD
Here’s what nominators had to say about Dr. Phelps:

“Dr. Janey Phelps is, without question, one of the finest physician leaders and people I have ever had the pleasure of working with. Our pediatric sedation service absolutely relies on her intelligent, positive, and persistent work on behalf of our tiny patients and our team. Her obvious passion for excellent patient care and advocacy for safe, evidence based sedation in a strong team environment make her highly regarded among all members of the healthcare team. Dr. Phelps truly walks the talk of prioritizing optimal patient safety and care in all her interactions. Below please see each suggested criteria for this award, which she richly deserves.

  1. Safe, high quality procedural sedation care: Dr. Phelps accepted the medical directorship and built the Pediatric Pain, Sedation, and Consult Service at UNC as a safety initiative in 2009. Since that time, the service has grown and flourished, doubling the number of sedations in just over two years. Prior to the inception of the service, numerous rapid responses and codes were called related to procedural sedation. Since that time and at this writing, there have been none.
  2. Innovative research promoting evidence-based care: Dr. Phelps was the primary author and investigator on "High-dose dexmedetomidine for noninvasive pediatric procedural sedation and discharge readiness". She is currently working on several other papers in the research and manuscript stages focusing on pediatric pain and sedation.
  3. Quality professional education: Dr. Phelps is an interested leader in providing excellent professional education to our residents, staff, and other faculty. She has presented at numerous past national conferences regarding pediatric pain and sedation.
  4. Contributions and achievements have provided national leadership in pediatric procedural sedation care delivery and service: In addition to her work presenting our service's results at conferences and networking with other institutions, our service under Dr. Phelps' medical direction was recently cited as a "highlight" in the UNC Burn Center's perfect score on accreditation. The accreditation group specifically stated in their review that the "Pediatric Sedation Service is a model for all burn centers across the US".
  5. Activities and interactions promote multidisciplinary collaboration and partnerships both within and beyond the society: Dr. Phelps continually strives to involve ancillary staff, nurses, other physicians, advanced practice nurses, and learners in our Pediatric Sedation service. From research activities to structuring responsibilities in a safe and inclusive manner, Dr. Phelps prioritizes inclusivity and connection among disciplines and institutions."

John Unkel, MD, MPA, DDS
Here’s what nominators had to say about Dr. Unkel:

“I believe that Dr. Unkel is an excellent candidate for the Joseph P. Cravero, MD Leadership Award.  The first of the listed criteria for the award is SPS membership. Not only is Dr. Unkel an active member of the SPS, he currently serves on the membership and quality committees.

The second criteria calls for activities and accomplishments that actively promote the tenets of the society’s mission for safe, high quality procedural sedation care, innovative research promoting evidence-based care, and  quality professional education.

Dr. Unkel is the program director for the pediatric dental residency at Bon Secours St. Mary’s Hospital. As a resident who is currently training under Dr. Unkel, I can wholeheartedly say that he does all of these things. Dr. Unkel goes above and beyond to ensure that his residents are well trained in pediatric procedural sedation. By the time we graduate residency, we have typically done twice the recommended minimum number of sedations. He strives to ensure that every sedation is as safe and effective as it can possibly be and uses additional equipment, staff, and time to make sure that his residents are well versed in sedation as well.

As far as research is concerned, in addition to his past research, Dr. Unkel is currently involved in two retrospective studies and one prospective FDA clinical trial to evaluate efficacy and safety of sedation drugs and regimens. This research will be used to create a larger body of evidence for use in pediatric sedation. And no one cares about the evidence more than Dr. Unkel. If I had a nickel for every time I heard him ask “What does the literature say?” I could probably retire without ever actively practicing. In terms of promoting high quality professional education, Dr. Unkel has devoted his career to training dentists and pediatric dentists. I can say from personal experience that the training he administers is rigorous and the quality is high.

The third and fourth criteria call for national leadership in pediatric procedural sedation and promoting multidisciplinary collaboration and partnerships. I think Dr. Unkel meets both of these criteria as well. In addition to his service on SPS committees, he also has worked to connect SPS and the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry (AAPD). In doing this, I believe he will help to influence AAPD guidelines and policies to help make pediatric dental sedations safer and more effective.

Kristine K. Murray Child Life Award and Scholarship

The Kristine K. Murray Child Life Award recognizes an exceptional child life specialist who demonstrates exemplary care and clinical skill with children in a procedural sedation environment and who actively contributes to the field of pediatric sedation through multidisciplinary collaboration. The recipient is awarded with complimentary SPS Annual Conference registration and a hotel room for three nights at the host hotel, plus a $750 travel stipend. The recipient will be announced during the Annual Business Luncheon at the 2017 Annual Conference on Monday, May 22 at 12:00 noon.

Laura Bredbenner, CCLS
Here’s what nominators had to say about Ms. Bredbenner:

"Laura has been an integral part of our sedation program at the Children's Hospital of San Antonio, which we built from the ground up. While she has been heavily involved in all aspects of the service we provide, she has been especially instrumental in the design and implementation of our nitrous oxide sedation program for VCUG procedures.

In partnership with her other colleagues, she has developed a screening and preparation process that is so critical to the success of any minimal sedation program. She also developed online and print educational materials for the families, as well as participated in clinical research that has been presented at the Annual Child Life Conference. She is a valuable member of our team, and important resource for the larger child life community, and exemplifies the collective mission of the Society "to be the international multidisciplinary leader in the advancement of pediatric sedation by promoting safe, high quality care, innovative research and quality professional education."

Laura Mitchell, BS, CCLS
Here’s what nominators had to say about Ms. Mitchell:

"Laura Mitchell is a Certified Child Life Specialist at Nemours A.I. duPont Hospital for Children where she is full time member of the Pediatric Procedural Sedation Service. Our program is based on a family-centered collaboration model that effectively utilizes a multi-disciplinary team approach to facilitate procedural completion with high quality results. In her role, Laura helps to identify and incorporate individualized strategies to increase coping abilities in patients and their families thereby decreasing stress, anxiety, and any potential long term effects related to the sedation experience.

She has been instrumental in helping to develop a structured approach that utilizes both non-pharmacological and pharmacological modalities to effectively manage pediatric pain and anxiety leading to an increase in overall patient/family satisfaction. She consistently works with other team members to help improve best practice as evidenced by her work and commitment on instituting the "One Voice" concept into our Nitrous Oxide program as well as her involvement in our "Managing Pediatric Pain & Anxiety: A Collaboration" project. She regularly precepts Child Life interns sharing her vast knowledge and experience in child development, coping skills and distraction techniques.

Laura is also an active member of the Society for Pediatric Sedation. She currently sits on the Nursing and Allied Health Committee where she is striving to revitalize membership and involvement from her Child Life colleagues as well as enhance collaboration between the many disciplines involved in pediatric procedural sedation services. Laura is also a regular contributor to the SPS newsletter.

I have worked closely with Laura Mitchell for many years and I strongly believe that she is an excellent candidate to receive this award. Laura has been a certified child life specialist at our hospital for over a decade, and we were fortunate enough to have her assigned full-time to the medical imaging/sedation area about five years ago.

During that time, she has made all of us "believers" in the power of child life. Laura has a unique perspective in that she believes child life is not "either/or"; that is, she teaches that coping skills can be a part of every sedation event, and not just an alternative for those children that don't require medication to tolerate a procedure. She has been an invaluable resource for us for calming anxious children and parents. She provides distraction, teaches coping skills, and has worked with our APNs to promote the "One Voice" approach to communication with the child during the procedure (especially children receiving nitrous oxide).

She helped bring Pet Therapy to our unit. She frequently has a child life student in tow, and she's helped me with broader academic endeavors both local and national. She has run a station at our annual hospital wide "Comfort Counts" fair for the past several years, and she participated in a workshop with me on the topic of tolerating procedures at the Pediatric Academic Societies meeting in Baltimore last spring. She has also eagerly jumped into the Society for Pediatric Sedation. In that role, she is making an effort to recruit additional child life SPS members through her involvement in other Child Life organizations.”

“I would like to nominate Laura Mitchell for this prestigious award. Laura had been a certified Child Life Specialist for 17 years, and been with our organization for 16 years. Laura has been assigned to the Day Medicine Unit for the past seven years. Our unit supports both infusion and sedation patients. Laura has been a tremendous asset to our department as evidenced by her dedication to our patients and families. She has developed amazing relationships and rapports with many of the children that frequent our unit, and they consistently ask for her by name.

Laura follows our upcoming schedule to anticipate the needs of the children and families coming in. She identifies those children with special needs, such as those on the autistic spectrum, and collaborates with both the healthcare team and the parents in order to minimize the stress those children will encounter in our environment. She is an essential part of the team for these families.

Laura bases her interventions on the latest evidence-based research from her field and employs best practice methods for providing support to our children. She was instrumental in working with our sedation APN, Michelle Rhoads, to bring the One Voice sedation technique to our practice environment. She has been able to present this effort through poster presentations at both regional and national conferences. Laura is also presenting in our upcoming Peri-Anesthesia Conference. Her discussion is titled Creating a Supportive Environment for Patients and Families: A Multidisciplinary Approach. Her contributions to our nursing conference are both warmly welcomed and widely appreciated.

Laura is currently mentoring a Child Life Specialist student who is completing her internship in our organization. Laura consistently models high performance behaviors in her teaching and mentoring skills. She empowers her student to take the lead on creating a plan to provide support for a child, and provides direction and concrete feedback as needed. As a result, her student is able to approach families with confidence and competence, and provide excellent care and support.

Laura’s active participation in the society for Pediatric Sedation reflects her commitment to a team approach in bringing high quality experiences to the sedated pediatric patient. It is therefore without hesitation that I, along with several of my peers, proudly nominate Laura Mitchell for this award.”

“I wholeheartedly nominate Laura Mitchell, CCLS for the Kristine K. Murray Child Life Award and Scholarship. For the last seven years Laura has been our dedicated child life specialist. She has personally molded this position which first started as a part time position into a full time role we could not do without.

Laura monitors our schedule daily to ensure that the needs of each child and family are met. Children who frequent our unit will ask for her by name.  Laura works tirelessly to ensure our patients and families have the best possible experience while in our sedation and infusion department.

She bases her interventions on the latest evidence-based research in her field and employs them when caring for her patients. Laura has shared her expertise at local and national conferences. She has been an active member of the SPS and a strong voice for our child life members.
Laura also mentors child life students in our department. She consistently models high performance behaviors in her teaching and mentoring. She empowers her students to care for our patients and provides direct and concrete feedback as needed. As a result, her students are able to approach families with confidence and competence and provide excellent care and support.

As a nurse, there are many times Laura has "saved" me from a situation that I could have been handling better. For example, a child who you think will be fine for their IV start who starts to cry as you are cleaning the site. Laura seems to have ears everywhere and will appear out of nowhere with her iPad and her calm demeanor and save the day.

I have seen her sit on the floor in the hall way with an autistic patient, helping them cope so they could continue and succeed with the sedation process. So many times that we have worked together with a child who wanted to try their procedure or scan without sedation and were successful, and so proud of themselves. And let’s not forget her ability to choose the perfect prize for a brave attempt!

I cannot think of a more deserving individual to be recognized with the Kristine K. Murray Child Life Award and Scholarship then Laura Mitchell CCLS.”

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