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Get Your Mouse Ears On!

Dr. ScherrerBy Patricia Scherrer, MD
SPS News Editor

Is everyone looking forward to our upcoming conference in Orlando?  A beautiful hotel, very close (but not TOO close) to all of the fun family things to do in the Disney/Universal Studios region, and a fantastic line up of speakers and topics as well!

As usual, we’ll be offering our SPS Sedation Provider Course on the Sunday before the conference begins.  The course is a great way to review didactics and practice the critical recognition and response skills involved in providing procedural sedation to children.  If you haven’t had the opportunity to take the course before, we’d encourage you to do so.

Again, the agenda for our meeting this year really looks superb.  We’ll benefit from our proximity to Disney and our partnership with Florida Hospital for Children this year in having expert plenary sessions on customer experience, service recovery, and service marketing.  Also, one of the leaders in the SmartTots Initiative, Dr. Santham Suresh, will speak to us about translating their neurotoxicity work into care at our patients’ bedsides.  We have a tremendous selection of breakout sessions and workshops that cover the scope of sedation practice from just starting a service to caring for higher risk patient populations.  And, on Wednesday morning, we’ll be offering problem based learning discussions over the breakfast hour, which will offer the opportunity to discuss current - and cutting edge - sedation medications and regimens with expert leaders in their use.  All in all, this is adding up to be one of our best conferences yet!

On Sunday and Monday evenings, the various committees of the society will be meeting to update members and continue with our ongoing work.  I’d encourage every member to get involved in the work of at least one committee if at all possible.  The real “work” of the society happens at the committee level, and active committee involvement is the best way to move our group and our goals forward.  Meetings are open for folks who would like to learn more about the committees, so please feel free to come in and get involved.

Looking forward to seeing you all in May!


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