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Q&S Committee Summary

Cheri LandersBy Cheri Landers, MD, FAAP, FCCM

One of the focuses of the Quality and Safety Committee is developing the Center of Excellence Award.  We are very excited to be progressing on that front and have a proposed draft application that is being tested by several institutions whose trial applications will then go thru the anticipated reviewing process.  We look forward to sharing the application process with the Society in Orlando in May.

A project related to the Center of Excellence Award is an attempt to describe the sedation environment in which successful, highly motivated sedation teams operate; beyond what practitioners are present, what medications are chosen and what monitors are used.  For those who are the lead contact for their institution as members of the PSRC expect to see an important survey in your Inbox soon.  This survey is an opportunity to illustrate how your sedation team approaches the many aspects of quality and safety.  Information from this survey will be used in a descriptive paper to explain how the members of the PSRC achieve their results.   Many of the answers to the survey questions will help your team in formulating answering the Center of Excellence application when it is finalized in 2018, so completing it will benefit your team when applications become available.  And, there may be another small incentive attached, stay tuned!

The Quality and Safety Committee continues to support sedation metric development as well.   The patient and family satisfaction survey project is in the process of obtaining grant funding. Further refinement of the Sedation Risk Score is ongoing; beginning this past fall, a number of centers participating in the PSRC began entering sedation duration data. This data will be added to the Sedation Risk Score that has been developed in order to improve its sensitivity and specificity.

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