Editor's Message

Welcome to 2017 – Wishing Everyone More Happiness and Health in the Coming Year!

Dr. ScherrerBy Patricia Scherrer, MD
SPS News Editor

For this issue of the newsletter, I’m using the editor’s message to reach out to each of you regarding newsletter content submissions.  We’ll be updating the newsletter’s structure and appearance during the course of the coming year to make content more visible and easier to print as a PDF. 

We’ll continue to include updates from our leadership and committee projects as well as multidisciplinary articles and commentaries.  The “cautionary tales” segment has proven to be very popular and has generated lots of good conversations.  Please consider submitting a case to share with your colleagues, and remember that, if you prefer, we can write up a commentary to go along with the case you submit.  And, reviews and commentaries of sedation, analgesia, and other relevant literature have been a key component of the newsletter since its inception. 

I’d like to especially encourage you to share your thoughts about recent literature via the newsletter, and please let us know if you come across an article that you’d like folks to be aware of, even if you don’t have time to write up a review.  Submissions can be sent to editor@pedsedation.org.

Thank you, and happy 2017!


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