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Q&S Committee Summary

Cheri LandersBy Cheri Landers, MD, FAAP, FCCM

The SPS Q&S committee maintains the Repository of Guidelines found on the SPS Website.  For the coming year, Amber Rogers, MD (Texas Children’s Hospital, Houston) is the manager of the Repository.  If there are guidelines that you feel need to be added or comments you would like to make, send them to updaterequest@societyhq.com or click on the feedback link within the Repository site and those comments will go to Amber.

New within the past year from the Quality and Safety Committee is the Sedation Policy Template.  You can find a link to this template on the SPS website as well.  Policies of multiple pediatric sedation programs were reviewed and combined to develop this example of a template for centers to use as a comparison.

Also new is the posting of the SPS Pediatric Sedation Service Center of Excellence description under the Quality and Safety section of the SPS website.  This description is the basis by which the Quality and Safety Committee is developing the Sedation Center of Excellence Award.  The goal is to accept the first applications for the Center of Excellence Award in the Spring of 2018.  Look for more information, publications and presentations about how various sedation centers around the country strive to achieve the goals set forth in the Center of Excellence description as well as details on the application process itself in the coming year.

Metrics in development by the Quality and Safety Committee include those focusing on patient/parent satisfaction, and efficiency and timeliness. An initial risk stratification score has been developed and further modifications are being studied to determine their effects on sensitivity.  In addition, the prescreening subgroup continues to strive to develop a meaningful guideline and is utilizing the information from the risk stratification score in that regard. 

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