SPS Membership and Communications Committee Update

By Suzanne Kost, MD, FAAP, FACEP

The Membership and Communications Committee last met at the SPS Annual Meeting on May 17. Under strong leadership from our president-elect (now president!) Jason Reynolds, the committee has made great progress towards achieving the goals outlined at the SPS Strategic Planning conference held last August. The committee now encompasses four subcommittees: Institutional Membership (headed by Pradip Kamat), Leadership and Member Development (interim leader Sue Kost, seeking a subcommittee chair), Communications (under Jud Barber), and Outreach (under Ben Jackson). With Jason’s move to president, Sue Kost has now assumed leadership of the M&C Committee.

Highlights from the Institutional Membership subcommittee include plans to increase the number of Platinum Members, with enhanced benefits such as Provider Course ownership (you’ll be able to administer the course at your home institution), discounted access to the Zier group nitrous course, institutional access to online CME, and unlimited nursing and allied health SPS memberships. As of May, the SPS counted 44 institutional members (seven Platinum, 28 Gold, and nine Silver). Goals include a total of 50 institutional members, with the majority in the Platinum category, in three years.

The Leadership and Member Development subcommittee is seeking assistance and ideas for increasing individual membership. We hope to be able to offer a member mentorship program within the next year, and to develop an emerging leader “pipeline." We hope to increase our current 460 regular members to at least 600 over the next two to three years, and to do all we can to support those members.

Communication and outreach are critically important for achieving these membership goals and for maintaining a useful, engaged organization. Under Jud’s leadership, the communication subcommittee seeks to expand our social media presence, to publish quarterly SPS newsletters (our immediate past president, Trish Scherrer, will serve as editor), to formalize a marketing strategy, and to update the SPS website. The Outreach subcommittee seeks to bolster collaboration with like-minded groups that will help support our mission, including medical, nursing, child life, and especially dental groups.

The Membership and Communications Committee welcomes and encourages new members. We meet monthly by conference call, as of now on the first Wednesday afternoon of each month. Please contact if you’d like to be more involved.

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