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Continuing a Proud Tradition

Dr. ScherrerBy Patricia Scherrer, MD
SPS News Editor

Hi folks!  I am honored to be taking on the role of SPS newsletter editor!  Filling some pretty big shoes here; Cheryl Gooden has provided expert leadership and growth for the newsletter for more than five years now, and as many of you are aware, the original SPS newsletter written by Joe Cravero was the genesis of the entire society and started back in the late 1990s. 

No pressure!  I shall do my best to continue the proud tradition of our society newsletter, relying on the outstanding contributions of our editorial team and our contributing writers.

I am very pleased to welcome Jocelyn Grunwell, a pediatric sedation and critical care medicine physician from Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta at Egleston, as our new associate editor!  Jocelyn has a tremendous background in research and writing that I am sure will bring immense value to our newsletter content and development.

For this edition, we’re proud to look back on yet another superb annual conference with robust summaries of the plenary sessions.  Hartford and Connecticut Children’s provided us with a fantastic experience, and the meeting focus on procedural pain management in collaboration with sedation expanded our knowledge and horizons greatly.

Moving forward, we will plan to include regular updates from our committees so that we all can stay on top of ongoing society activities.  We’ll continue our regular features, including quality and safety, nursing, child life, residents and fellows, etc., and we will also be adding in some ongoing education and research content as well.  This issue also marks the debut of “Cautionary Tales,” as submitted by the idea’s originator, Sue Kost.  In this feature, we’ll plan to review an undesirable or “near miss” event, with practical insights into a patient safety or other quality topic example and ideas for prevention.  We will also link up our newsletter content with our regular email updates to members, so check out those emails for previews of upcoming newsletter content and other SPS activities!

As with everything in the SPS, the newsletter is focused on YOU, the SPS membership.  Have a question or an idea for an article?  Please let us know!  And, we would love to welcome new contributions and contributors to our group.  No strings attached – even if you have a one-time literature review, practical tip, or content submission, we welcome your contribution!  Finally, the newsletter is about NEWS – giving a talk on a sedation-related topic?  Running an SPS provider course?  Had a sedation-related manuscript or article published?  Hear a great talk or read a great article about a topic relevant to sedation?  Let us know so we can share the information!

Hope everyone has a fabulous summer, and look forward to talking to you again in our October issue.  In the meantime, keep those ideas and submissions coming to editor@pedsedation.org.

Thank you!
Trish Scherrer

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