SPS Membership and Communications Committee Update

By Susanne Kost, MD, FAAP, FACEP

The Membership and Communications Committee is proud to highlight three initiatives launched in the past couple of months, all with the intent of increasing member involvement. The first initiative to mention is our May Membership Drive, where current members were encouraged to sponsor a colleague as a new member in honor of the 10th Anniversary of the SPS. This effort resulted in about 20 new members. It’s not too late to sponsor a member; in fact, we are planning a summer trainee sponsorship event. In our group of almost 800 members, fewer than 20 are in training. We encourage all of you who are involved in the education of students, residents, and fellows to talk up the benefits of the SPS, and to “kick-start” their interest, pay their dues for the first year (only $20 per trainee!). We hope that these new sponsored members will become full-fledged, participating, dues-paying members in years to come. Sponsors will be recognized in future SPS communications and at future meetings.

The second initiative to highlight is our Mentorship Program. Upon registering for the Annual Meeting this year, about 40 members expressed interest in participating in such a program. After completing a short survey at the meeting, 15 mentor-mentee pairs were matched. The program is very informal at this stage, but we look forward to growing this program. We know we have a wealth of experience to share! Plans are in the works for a mentor section on our website.

Finally, a core group of members with an interest in international medicine in resource-poor areas came together at our May Annual Meeting to discuss the formation of an SPS Global Health group. Many of our members have connections around the world, and interest has been expressed in advocating for safe, quality sedation during our travels. As a result of our first gathering, several manikins were shared among members, and are now in use in Vietnam (or Malawi?).

If you have an interest in sponsoring a new member, serving as a mentor or mentee, joining the incipient SPS Global Health subcommittee, or becoming a member of our Membership and Communications Committee, let us know by e-mailing

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