Conference Reviews

Partnering With a World Class Theme Park: Lessons for your hospital

Reviewed by Lorie Reilly, MSN, CRNP, CPNP

Marla Silliman, Senior Executive Office at Florida Hospital for Children jump started Tuesday morning with her customer service presentation.  She showcased the hospital’s commitment to clinical excellence with several key points:

  1. Know your purpose/mission- everybody matters!
  2. Know your legacy/story and keep telling it
  3. Create a bold vision/protect your brand- we should all strive to lead in our area
  4. Focus on intentionality- the facility, the people, with the child at the center
  5. Associating with the best raises your bar
  6. Rounding lessons- when nurses and physicians round together, patient satisfaction increases.  Empower your employees.
  7. What you measure…..moves

Her presentation was inspirational as she shared what the institution has learned from the Disney experience. Employee “onboarding” sessions are the key to making this happen. Employees are taught behaviors that represent their brand. It is a two-part process, focusing initially on image standards and later on compassion behaviors, training all staff to the culture of the institution.   Not only is the facility a magical place with its unit designs and Disney themes, but its intentionality is everywhere across the network.  She stated that you should hear the “WOW” from patients and families during their patient care experiences!

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