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Pediatric Sedation Center of Excellence

Reviewed by Sue Kost, MD

An exciting new SPS initiative was presented by Dr. Cheri Landers at the lunchtime plenary session on Tuesday, May 23. In her role as Chair of the Quality and Safety Committee, Dr. Landers outlined the proposal for the SPS Center of Sedation Excellence (CoE) designation. She led off with a fascinating history of the SPS, beginning with Joe Cravero and George Blike’s conceptual “Pride, Prejudice, and Pediatric Sedation,” a white paper published in 2000 in which the challenges of our incipient specialty were outlined. She then took us through the founding of the Pediatric Sedation Research Consortium in 2003, the incorporation of the SPS in 2007, and the debut of the Sedation Provider Course in 2009.

This groundwork led to the SPS consensus conference and subsequent paper, “Great Expectations: Defining Quality in Pediatric Sedation” published in 2011, followed in turn by the Pediatric Sedation Service Center of Excellence Consensus Statement published on our website last year. The natural culmination of this work is for our society to recognize centers that demonstrate excellence in the provision of high-quality pediatric sedation care.

After reviewing the history leading to the creation of the CoE designation, and describing other groups that offer similar designations, Dr. Landers went on to describe the development of the CoE application. The timeline of the CoE subcommittee work was presented, along with results of a recent SPS membership survey, where 83% of the respondents felt that a CoE designation would prove valuable to their home institution. The focus of the application will be on the processes that a center employs in striving for high quality work, rather than exclusively on outcomes.

Application questions will be divided into sections according to the six realms of quality (safe, timely, efficient, effective, patient-centered, and equitable), with additional sections addressing demographics, credentialing, a sample patient encounter, and description of quality improvement initiatives. Each of these sections was described in detail, along the score weight delegated to each section (safety, for example, has the most weight, with about 30% of the questions focusing in this area).

The presentation concluded with a summary of the anticipated application review process, including scoring rubrics. The CoE subcommittee hopes to finalize details of the application process by Fall 2017, and to accept completed applications in early 2018. If all goes well, the first SPS Center of Excellence designations will be awarded at the SPS Annual Meeting in Atlanta in May of 2018! We encourage those who would like more information to contact the Quality Committee via the Committee Section email link on our website,

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