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Implementing New Sedation Service Lines

Reviewed by Élise W. van der Jagt, MD, MPH

This presentation highlighted the idea that planning and implementation of high quality pediatric procedural sedation care at an institution is probably best done by conceptualizing it as a unified, but multidimensional service line that provides accessible, safe, efficient, satisfying and cost-effective care. 

From one of the slides:  “The service line…is a reorientation of strategy, resource planning and allocation on the horizontal continuum across provider entities, versus a vertically oriented approach segregating provider types into independent operating units, or silos. The theoretical value in the horizontal or service line approach is created in aligned and not duplicative investment strategy in program, staff, and equipment.   The service line approach is the true patient-centered approach to the delivery of healthcare services”.

To accomplish this, it is essential to unite all stakeholders in the concept (“buy-in”), standardize processes, consolidate sedation space and staff when possible, agree on metrics to be followed and have a single administrative structure.  Three phases were described:  

  1. Consolidate all sedation services in one physical area as much as possible

  2. Meld staff together using training and education, and

  3. Introduce new types of patients/procedures into the standardized process gradually while partnering with providers including anesthesiology (if they were not already part of this).  The goal is to remove sedation silos and individual fiefdoms and create a standardized, streamlined, procedural sedation process that is centered on the patient and aligned efficiently across providers, staff, and location. 

As these phases are implemented and it becomes clear that a single, efficient and high quality service line is being established, the service line becomes marketable and will attract both internal and external referrals. 

This was a practical, helpful and insightful presentation elucidating key concepts and ways to develop a pediatric procedural sedation service line.

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